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Meet Our Passionate Team

Our employees are what set our company apart. We are a close-knit group of very talented and passionate individuals. We love this company and feel honored to be a part of the Palmhouse team.
“Our mission for our team is to celebrate each of their unique craftsmanship, talents, and passions.”

To create a platform where each of them can find freedom to apply their talents to find fulfillment, purpose, and accomplishment in Serving our clients , our community and each other.

Co-founder of Contracting and Building

Co-founder and managing partner, with over three decades of experience in contracting and building. From intricate architectural masterpieces to innovative infrastructure projects, he spearheads numerous successful ventures.

Co-founder of Interior Design, Luxury, and Art

Co-founder and managing partner, with over three decades of expertise in interior design, luxury, and art. From elegant residences to prestigious commercial projects, Rosie’s expertise transforms spaces into captivating works of art and experiences.

Project management Expert.

Reliable, efficient and result-oriented. As a dedicated project management expert, Jonathan ensures seamless communication and oversees every stage of your project, from meticulous planning to successful completion.

Interior Designer and Project Manager

Interior Designer and project manager with an extensive experience in residential solutions, combining creativity and the beauty of Brazilian culture from concept to completion of each project. Transforming spaces with a welcoming and unique touch.

Leading project development

Gabriel CBC, a seasoned professional with nearly a decade of experience, leads project development with precision, mindfulness, and expertise in areas such as budgets, environmental impact, local codes, universal design, and energy efficiency.

Executive Assistant & Client Relations

Experienced Executive Assistant with 4+ years at Mynd, excelling in Customer Service and currently serving as an Owner Services Associate. Proven in communication, issue resolution, and team efficiency. Holds a Bachelor’s in Business Administration, dedicated to client success and operational excellence.

Associate Master Builder

Georg P. Grap, Principal of Georg Lauren, Inc., boasts 20+ years in construction, excelling in top-quality work and project management. His unique perspective, backed by a Geography degree, is complemented by licenses in Westchester County, Connecticut, and New York City.

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