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At the heart of Palmhouse is the Barrig Family: Oscar and Rosie, and their Son’s, Jonathan, and Gabriel.

About Palmhouse?

Since 2005, our company in South Florida,as thrived on a foundation of unwavering dedication to our clients’ unique visions. We don’t just remodel spaces; we curate transformative experiences. Our journey began with a promise to listen, understand, and craft solutions aligned with individual needs, budgets, and aspirations.

We’ve built a team renowned for their ingenuity, led by seasoned project managers, skilled craftsmen, and talented interior designers. From minor renovations to complete home transformations, our proactive approach and commitment to on-time delivery have set us apart. Our hallmark is the personalized touch and a keen sense of client needs, ensuring a seamless and thoughtful process from inception to completion.

At our core, we value integrity, professionalism, and ethical conduct. We maintain pristine job sites, prioritizing our clients’ homes and offering a concierge-like service that minimizes disruptions. We cherish enduring relationships, both with our clients and within the community we call home. Giving back and investing in our team’s growth and development is integral to our ethos.

Our Commitment to Excellence

Our clients seek more than a mere renovation; they desire a partner who understands their unique vision and executes it flawlessly. They appreciate a meticulous approach, where attention to detail and craftsmanship reign supreme. They value open communication, trust, and a collaborative journey toward their dream space. Our clients appreciate the significance of a tailored, personalized experience and share our commitment to fostering enduring relationships. In essence, our company’s ethos revolves around delivering exceptional craftsmanship, personalized service, and fostering lasting connections within the community we serve.

Our commitment to sustainability and energy efficiency. We prioritize the application of focus on energy standards and building practices in all our projects.

Strong partnerships built on honesty and open communication. We value your input at every stage and ensure transparent communication channels so that together we can achieve remarkable results.

“Our clients will validate that Palmhouse Design & Build has all the resources of a large company yet maintains the personable customer service of a small firm. Palm house Design & Build is your partner for Custom renovation in South Florida.”

“Dream, Design & Build with Palmhouse”

Palmhouse Design specializes in building and renovating homes, emphasizing lasting client relationships. Our business thrives on honesty and integrity, and trust in every project.

We value time and budget constraints, leveraging our expertise and client-centric design/build approach to consistently exceed expectations. Our projects are delivered within agreed timelines and budgets.

As a trusted Design Build Firm in South Florida, we consistently deliver high-quality projects promptly. Serving a diverse clientele, including residential, commercial, retail, business, and institutional sectors, we specialize in a variety of custom renovation projects.

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Elevating Expectations & Exceeding Perfection in Every Project

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